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GOOFAR E-bike Charger

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*Order under $69 will be charged a shipping fee of $15.

Replacement charger for the Troxus ebikes. Whether you're looking to replace a lost charger, have a spare at the office, or keep an extra at the vacation home. 

*USA Plug

* Not universal; Please select your Troxus ebike model.

Skyhopper Charger:

Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz 2.5A

Output: 48V, 3.0A

*Compatible with new SkyHopper model. Orders numbered #14XX and beyond.

Vulcanus Charger:

Input: 240V, 50/60Hz 2.5A

Output: 48V, 3.0A

*Compatible with new Vulcanus model. Orders numbered #14XX and beyond.

Explorer Charger:

Input: 240V, 50/60Hz 2.5A

Output: 54.6V, 3.0A, 163.8W

Lynx Charger:

Input: 240V, 50/60Hz 2.5A

Output: 54.6V, 3.0A, 163.8W


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